Cat Heaven Reprise – dVerse Poetics


In cat heaven, there’s always sunshine
And plenty of places to rest
In cat heaven, no-one disturbs you
In cat heaven, cats always know best

In cat heaven, there’s cream and fresh tuna
And your bowl is full to the brim
In cat heaven, your coat’s always glossy
In cat heaven, you always look trim

In cat heaven, there’s room for cats small and large
Moggies and pedigrees too
In cat heaven, old enemies make friends once more
In cat heaven, no-one is blue

So if you are wondering where I have gone
And you miss stroking my fur
Just think of cat heaven, look way up above
From cat heaven, you’ll hear my purr.


A bit cheaty, but I’ve unearthed a poem I wrote back a few years ago and submitted to dVerse, in honour of some friends of mine who had just lost their cat. Yesterday was International Cat Day, so it feels somewhat appropriate.

I know there’s a very thin reference to ‘blue’ (although it is about heaven so it is up above us!), but this week is tough on the travelling front for me (a railworkers’ strike, meaning early starts and challenging journeys to and from work). So, inspiration is somewhat lacking this evening!

Please do head on over to dVerse and dive into the blue!

(The cat is my mum’s, called Millie as she came to to family in 2000 at the start of the new millennium).

45 thoughts on “Cat Heaven Reprise – dVerse Poetics

  1. Freya, this is a lovely tribute. A giant doofy black Maine Coon named Phantom Samurai owns my daughter’s heart. He is bigger than our terrier, and loves her like a puppy would. It’s a trip. I think cat heaven sounds quite lovely, and the perfect place to drive away the blues.

  2. sMiLes.. the best
    thing i lEarn from
    cat eYes no matter
    blue or green
    or color
    of gold
    is the gold
    of heaven
    lives now
    in a sweet
    rest of napping
    cats or a walk now
    that feels BaLanCinG
    of planets aligned..
    as paws
    Now for
    pauSinG blues
    of beauty noW..:)

  3. Your poem reminded me of my cat Tosca, who was killed in May, two days before we set off to my daughter’s wedding. I hope the strike isn’t making things too difficult. I have a very dear friend I’ve known since we were eleven or twelve who lives in Bexhill and she’s been having a hard time with the trains too. We are expecting something similar, not strikes, though, but rail work (as usual) on the line from Norwich to Liverpool Street.

    1. Ugh… it never ends does it, the joy of public transport?! I’m so sorry about Tosca. Our first cat got hit by a car when the family were visiting for my birthday when I was growing up. Luckily, she survived, but it was awful at the time.

  4. I love this! Didn’t know about International Cat Day, but I have 2 cats, one orange and one black. The “blue” reminded me of a huge blue-gray cat my parents had years ago. I enjoyed this.

    Wishing you safe commutes!

  5. I think our cat is already there. She gets tuna every morning. I’m not sure if she will actually wind up in kitty heaven though when that sad day comes. She’s 16 now and fairly bad. We really enjoy the poem, thanks

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