Dream catcher – dVerse Quadrille


this jar contains my dreams

lid screwed tight

to protect them,

to keep them safe


the discordance,

the noise,

the interference

the slings

and arrows.

I crouch, ensconced within glass,

part of the world

yet separate.

Ethereal dreams, will-o-the-wisp,

you are my saviour.


It’s Monday and time for the quadrille over on dVerse. This week, Bjorn (welcome back!) invites us to write on the theme of ‘jar’, in whatever form inspires us.

At the moment, the film The BFG is all the rage, coinciding with the 100th anniversary of Roald Dahl’s birth. In the City of London I came across the engaging installation  you see above outside The Royal Exchange, which is on my way to the office. A Dream Jar Trail is all over London, and will raise money for Save the Children, to help children’s dreams come true. So, as soon as I saw ‘jar’, I was inspired!

Please do head on over to dVerse to delve into other quadrilles, and why not take part yourself?

48 thoughts on “Dream catcher – dVerse Quadrille

  1. What a wonderful cause and what a great way to raise money for it. We have Make-a-Wish Foundation over here for terminally ill children. We do need to keep our dreams safe and free from corruption.

  2. I simply love this, especially, Freya:
    “I crouch, ensconced within glass,

    part of the world

    yet separate.”

    Oh, that we all would have such a safe place. And, of course, never throw stones.

  3. When I first glanced the image, to me the circle appeared as a hole in the glass with the hands gripping the rounded edges as though indecisive as to whether to stay in or rise out.

    “I crouch, ensconced within glass,

    part of the world

    yet separate.”

    fit just as beautifully. Then I read your footnote and was charmed by it and your words anew. The concept of dream jars is not new to me, but the “Dream Jar Trail” by Save the Children is indeed inspired. A beautiful take on the prompt and the art work.

  4. I specially love:

    Ethereal dreams, will-o-the-wisp,

    you are my saviour.

    The note at the end is very inspiring to read. Love the photo and dream catcher title!

  5. I haven’t been down to London for a while but will be there to support my daughter on a sponsored walk in September – will the Dream Jar Trail still be there? In your jar, you are your dreams. ‘Ensconced’ is a great word.

  6. just seen the BFG yet still made no connection with the prompt – brilliant last line too – long may you dream

  7. Ooh, such a beautiful cause. ❤ I love the thought of keeping our dreams in a jar– away from the slings and arrows of doubts and fears. 😉

  8. What a wonderful cause and what a wonderful theme they’ve chosen: a Dream Jar Trail. Beautiful! Ah that we all have behind us a life strewn with dream jars — and may they all come true! 🙂

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