Cut – TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge


man’s sharp blade, weapon

of war, is turned to beauty

and his art unfolds


like gossamer threads

family lines are displayed

blank sheet reveals all


Phew! I was worried that TJ had met an unfortunate event – and in a way he had, with the computer gremlins temporarily winning their war on human technological connectivity – otherwise known as computer problems.

Thankfully, he is back with another delicious haiku prompt and some education on Mon Kiri, the art of Japanese paper folding and cutting, and the display of family crests (Mon) on tradition male kimono.

As is usual, I have written two haiku – one never seems quite enough! I hope you enjoy them and please, do pop over to the lovely TJ’s blog to enjoy more!

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11 thoughts on “Cut – TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge

      1. Thank you for the invitation to take part in something so wonderful. The issues of war and peace, of violence and hate, have been in my heart since I was a young teen. I even had an anti-war poem accepted into a published anthology when I was 14 and joined CND (the Canpaign for Nuclear Disarmament). I recently wrote a poem which I published on my blog, to coincide with the 100 year commemorations of the Battle of the Somme. I’ll gladly post it to this collaboration. Thank you, again.

      2. You’re welcome. Glad to have you be part of this. I am working to coordinate with the magazine to tie in to the UN International Peace Day as well as make this an annual event. Have a great day!

      3. I should have found you sooner when I joined the Haiku Hu , but have been busy with the #PoetsforPeace collaborative poem I started. Please consider contributing.

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