Ukigumo nights – dVerse Haibun Monday


Watercolour-whisp clouds, drifting as if the merest hint of Chinese White has been dabbed from sable onto Coeruluem Blue. The sky is a vast upturned cup, an endless realm. I stand and stare, transfixed for a moment, forgetting all that the day has laid at my feet.

a trick of the eye

ukigomo suspended

ethereal eve.


This week, it’s Haibun Monday’s turn over on dVerse (and yes, I am a day late, please forgive me!). The lovely Kanzensakura is our host for the haibun and we have been invited to write on the theme of sky.

I hope you enjoy my offering and please do head on over to dVerse to look up, up and away and enjoy what others have written.


21 thoughts on “Ukigumo nights – dVerse Haibun Monday

  1. sMIles.. i couldn’t
    help but to notice
    your antenna.. if that
    is yours.. suggests you
    are off the pay for views..
    and if i for one lived alone..
    i wouldn’t have pay for views either..
    ugh.. nothing on TV worth watching much..

    are bRighter above
    antenna eYes of Love..:)

    1. It’s not ours, but a lot of houses here in the UK still have them. We don’t do pay per view – we don’t watch enough TV. But we do have wonderful access to different channels’ programmes online, so we can watch what we want, when we want it (without paying).

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