The darkling days – dVerse Open Link Night


Many mourn the shortening days

the dark of the morning

and the gloom of the night.

Yet I revel in the coming home to lights on,

to big, fluffy slippers,

to curling up in the warmth

as the wind rattles window panes,

as fog seeps into every nook and cranny

and the rain lashes and batters the

naked trees outside.

I hibernate under the duvet,

snuggle into my pillows

hug my hot water bottle to my chest

and sigh, cosseted, safe indoors.

Autumn, do your worst.

Mittens are my friend.

It’s Thursday, and that means Open Link Night over on dVerse, where Bjorn, our friendly Swedish barkeep for tonight (thank you Bjorn) congenially invites us to share any poem we wish.

I was going to repost an old poem, but then decided to write on Autumn, which is really my favourite season of the year. I love lying in bed at night, cozy and warm, whilst the weather rages outside!

Please do take part, or if not, just come along and enjoy what our poetic community has shared!


33 thoughts on “The darkling days – dVerse Open Link Night

  1. I am one of those who mourn the shortening days, but I do like your solution. If only I didn’t have to go out into the cold before coming home to the coziness of a blanket and hot soup.

  2. A girl after my own heart – I love this snugly, woolly, hat, gloves and scarf poem.I can’t wait for rain against the window and the hiss of the log burner!

  3. “Mittens are my friend” – I like that. 🙂 Though I don’t like things confining my hands. I do have some new fluffy slippers and a sunggly blanket with horse designs. I’m ready too!

  4. I only snuggle and dive under when its winter but love the autumn’s cool cool breeze. We actually don’t wear mittens unless its like winter cold. Thanks for joining us Freya.

  5. I love this. I feel like snuggling now in a warm bed, with an exciting book on hand. Now that you mentioned it – I like the even days – almost the same length day and night – seeing the sun still low at 6 am and already low at 6 pm. 🙂

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