Wings of Feathers and Wax -dVerse Poetics


A solitary remnant

laid to waste, glued to the ground.


once upon a time

this delicate  creation

this deceptively ethereal whisper

assisted the majestic eagle,

it soared atop mountains

and touched the sky

singed by the sun.

Oh Icarus!

You peaked too son.

Tonight it’s time for dVerse Poetics, where Victoria invites us to write on the subject of feathers, in whichever way takes our fancy. This made me think (for a few minutes)! I was gong to write about the feather’s structure, but (as is often the case) changed my mind very early on. I tend not to fight the muse on these occasions, and go with her flow. I hope you like it!

Please do head on over to dVerse, enjoy the variety… or take part!

31 thoughts on “Wings of Feathers and Wax -dVerse Poetics

  1. Funny how we can sit down with one plan to write and end up with something completely different. I do that, too. In this case, it worked out well for you as this poem has a wonderful flow to it. You really did go with the flow.

  2. I love the beginning of your poem…starting with the sight of one lone feather stuck to the ground and then you embellished from there. Really enjoyed this, Freya!

  3. Reading your poem made me imagine the power of a single feather, of the magic and glory it has. Just imagine, it has kissed the clouds countless times. It had helped Icarus attain his dreams even when they had ended sadly.

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