Penumbra – Quadrille Monday


Shadow me dark,

shade my soul,

ombré is my colour,

encompass me, whole.

Unfurl your umbrella,

turn my day into deep night,

elongate my torso,

protect me from the light.

Pull my shadow outwards,

take my spirit



Enlighten me.

I beg you.


It’s Quadrille Monday over on dVerse, where this week we are asked to write a poem of exactly 44 words, using the word ‘shadow’.

Please do take part, or, if you’d prefer, just head on over to read all the other entries. Enjoy!

52 thoughts on “Penumbra – Quadrille Monday

  1. Perhaps ombre is more a process than a specific color, but your words become the highlights dipping in & out of shadows; love the liberties you took with the shadow word & world; slamming Glam., but clinging to process.

  2. A cave within..
    dArkest depths..
    and old.. juST
    Awaiting aNew
    to grow young aGaiN
    as heARt.. as SpiRit
    as BaLanCinG miNd
    and BoDy reBorn as shaDow Lives..:)

  3. Gorgeous write. The first line had me right away with “shadow me dark”. I really enjoyed this unexpected plea to the shadow for protection from the light.

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