Cut – TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge


man’s sharp blade, weapon

of war, is turned to beauty

and his art unfolds


like gossamer threads

family lines are displayed

blank sheet reveals all


Phew! I was worried that TJ had met an unfortunate event – and in a way he had, with the computer gremlins temporarily winning their war on human technological connectivity – otherwise known as computer problems.

Thankfully, he is back with another delicious haiku prompt and some education on Mon Kiri, the art of Japanese paper folding and cutting, and the display of family crests (Mon) on tradition male kimono.

As is usual, I have written two haiku – one never seems quite enough! I hope you enjoy them and please, do pop over to the lovely TJ’s blog to enjoy more!

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Grounded – dVerse


nailers, brewers and
butchers; artists, hoofers and
railway platemakers

Titanic, double-
booked, third class overflowing
what a stroke of luck!



This week, on dVerse Poetics, Grace has asked us to delve into our family history – what makes us, where have we come from, who are our ancestors? As I get older, as life changes, I feel more of an urge to answer these questions. Recently I spent a lovely long weekend with my family up in Worcestershire, investigating old photos and luxuriating in tales of what happened way back when. This knowledge is to be treasured, no?

I have decided to be short and sweet this week. Two haiku-form stanzas and two photos – one of me as a little girl, and one of my scribbles during a quick coffee break. You’ll see the second stanza didn’t really sit well with me… hence it got the chop. Ancestors in both my mum’s family and in my step-dad’s family almost made it on to the Titanic… strange, but true!