Grounded – dVerse


nailers, brewers and
butchers; artists, hoofers and
railway platemakers

Titanic, double-
booked, third class overflowing
what a stroke of luck!



This week, on dVerse Poetics, Grace has asked us to delve into our family history – what makes us, where have we come from, who are our ancestors? As I get older, as life changes, I feel more of an urge to answer these questions. Recently I spent a lovely long weekend with my family up in Worcestershire, investigating old photos and luxuriating in tales of what happened way back when. This knowledge is to be treasured, no?

I have decided to be short and sweet this week. Two haiku-form stanzas and two photos – one of me as a little girl, and one of my scribbles during a quick coffee break. You’ll see the second stanza didn’t really sit well with me… hence it got the chop. Ancestors in both my mum’s family and in my step-dad’s family almost made it on to the Titanic… strange, but true!



39 thoughts on “Grounded – dVerse

  1. oh gosh…a stroke of luck i would say for sure…that would give me shivers thinking about what could have been you know…we went to the titanic exhibit a couple years ago…put my hand in water as cold as it would have been…it would have been gruesome…sounds like you came for my kinda people too..smiles.

  2. what a lovely pic of you and cool on the scribbles as well… the note about the titanic made me shiver a bit… it must be strange for those that thought about getting on that boat – maybe be angry because they couldn’t and then… everything is different as expected..

    1. Thank you, Claudia! I am sure they were angry, frustrated, and more – to have that replaced by relief… Well, years ago, I was due to get on a train but missed it – I was so annoyed at the time, but then later on found it had been involved in a terrible accident in which people died. So, yes…

  3. What a stroke of luck indeed. I am sure they felt unlucky at the time, but whew! This reminds me of a friend of mine who was going to fly from Boston to California on 9/11/2001. She got to the airport early and was told she actually could take an earlier flight if she wished. She declined. As she a bit later was sitting in her plane waiting to take off, she heard that the plane she COULD have taken had been diverted, brought down by terrorists, who had tried to hit the Pentagon. She thanked goodness she said no to getting on that flight. Sometimes fate works in people’s behalf.

    1. Thank you, Cressida. Yes, I do indeed still have that look! One of my teachers told my Mum at a parents evening he often wondered if I was sizing him up – I think I somehow managed to intimidate him! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Like everybody before me, I marvel at the stroke of luck. I guess we all owe our existence to some strokes of luck, nut none as spectacular and impressive as this one.

  5. I LOVE your childhood photo and how astounding your family might have been on the Titanic – fortunately they werent or things would have been different in your history.

  6. I love your picture and haiku ~ That’s a stroke of good luck, good for your family, smiles ~

    Thanks for linking up and wishing you happy week ~

  7. I had a great aunt whose parents were two hours late for their booked passage on the Titanic, but then it is fickle, old fate, like the soldiers who survive a war, only to return home & die choking on a sandwich. Synchronicity, kismet, all inexplicable; gulp life while you can, while you still have teeth.

  8. I love the two (3) haiku….how interesting and what a pill to swallow if one actually got on that ship….you wouldn’t be here otherwise and I see them in your, I’m sure…life is a mystery I say each and every the way you presented this!

  9. Lovely photo Freya, bet you haven’t changed a bit???
    Isn’t it fascinating to learn of our pasts and to discover the decisions our grandparents made that enabled us to be where we are and who we are.

    1. You charmer, you! Well, I still have dark hair (with a few greys) and that look still makes an appearance when I’m concentrating… ๐Ÿ™‚ Indeed, it is fascinating to learn of our pasts… I think we all know that our ancestors worked very hard for us to get here.

  10. Oh, goodness, what a picture you’ve painted with these few words. I love the rhythm of it, too.

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