In the hours – dVerse Open Link



Those nights when I can’t sleep

and curse – in my belief – that I

am the only one staring into the abyss

at 3am.

Those days when I can’t stop

the thoughts in my head from eating me alive

and casting a shadow over

a glorious sunshine day

at 2pm.

Those mornings when I can’t bear

to drag myself out of bed

and drag my carcass through

one more day

at 6am.

Those days

I have to stop myself

from giving up

from giving in

from turning in

from tuning out.


I have so much.

Food on the table.

Money in the bank.

A heart that beats

so strong, so long, so fiercely.


I have so much

at 3am

at 2pm

at 6am.

I have so much.


Tonight is Open Link Night here on dVerse, hosted by our stalwart Swedish host, Bjorn. He has shared the story of Sean Michael with us today, who only gets to post on OLN as he is currently in prison, has no access to the internet and can only connect with us through the wonderful assistance of his grandmother, who posts on his behalf, is his lifeline to the outside world. Here is his blog Mad Poet Enchanted – so very, very worth a look. Sean has somehow managed to fund the publishing of a book of his poetry, despite all the obstacle sin his way – he is such an inspiration.

So… my poem is somewhat of a response to his story. We’re having a bit of a heatwave here in the UK and it’s making commuting somewhat uncomfortable – it’s nothing really, and reading Sean’s story has reminded me of all that I have to be grateful for. I truly am, but sometimes, I forget…

Please do head on over to dVerse and dive in – and please do read about Sean.

By the way, I am so behind in reading others’ work – I will catch up over the weekend, that’s a promise!


Mulani – Friday Fictioneers


“Your grandfather was a gajo, he made the place as much like a vardo for your grandmother as possible, but without having to move. He was a homebody.”

I stared at Mother, at the curious little stone house, the wheel seeming to prop it up on a hidden axle.

“Was she happy?”

“She was his mollisher. She chose to marry out!”

I heard the sneer in her voice, the sprinkle of Romani for her, not me.

I looked up at the mountain tops, the splendid isolation. Such freedom, yet such a prison. Nowhere to go for granny.

I wept.


Better late than never for this week’s Friday Fictioneers – thank you Rochelle for the weekly inspiration!

I thought this little old house looked a bit like a caravan, with a wheel stuck in the ground, hence I went down the Romani route this week.

mulani – ghost

vardo – Romani wagon

gajo – an adult male who isn’t Romani

mollisher – woman, wife

Please do head on over to this week’s prompt and see what other writers have created!

Vantage Point – Magpie Tales

autumn-in-madeira jacek yerka

Sarah once dreamed of her own island, floating in space and time. As a little girl, when she was encouraged to give wings to her flights of fancy, she wrote tales of a woman with long, dark coppery curls who navigated the lands, floating in the air on a slice of land suspended from hot air balloons. A dragon’s tail rudder at the back of the earthy sliver dictated the direction and a rainbow-hued propeller pulled her home forward through the sun-sprinkled air. Her life was filled with adventure, her Siamese cat purred loud and serene on her silk-clad lap. She was mistress of her destiny.

Sarah turns a full circle, drinking in the scenery laid out before her. The land is a vast, autumnal carpet, dotted here and there with a ceramic-tiled rooftop. In the distance, the deep turquoise sea glints and sparkles between the mountain peaks. At last, she is atop her own, peaceful hill, rising magically from the flat land below. It is as if it has been drawn directly from a childhood dream. She listens to the slight wind as it whistles through the trees.

If she listens carefully, she can hear the gentle rattle of a propellor and cat purring with contentment.


Autumn in Madeira by Jacek Yerka 

Here’s my latest entry into Magpie Tales. There is a theme running through my weekly writings once again. If you want to know more about Sarah, please read my Five Sentence Fiction and VisDare entries. Can you identify with her at all?