Oasis – A Dash of Sunny


The chance to just ‘be’

with my thoughts

with my hopes

with my dreams

yes, even my fears

is a need, a must, an ‘I can’t do without’.

Company drains me, if it’s not what fits

as a long-lost jigsaw piece completing the picture of me.

I am a square peg in the round hole of life

unless (and until) I can claim my solitude

until I can meditate on my island

until I can breathe in

until I can breathe out

and feel whole again.


Over on A Dash of Sunny, we are invited to express ourselves on solitude. Do we need it? Do we hate our own company? How do we feel?

I don’t think I beat about the bush on this – how about you?

The Unbelievers – dVerse Poetics


Many don’t believe that I have

fears, worries, concerns,

that I panic frequently,

count the ticking of the clock

eyes wide open

in the darkest, empty, least-forgiving hours.

Many don’t believe.


I am a swan, so it seems

serene above

paddling like fury below

not believing in my abilities

afraid to make the mistake

when the true mistake is not trying at all.

Many don’t believe me when I share this.

Many don’t believe.


I go ahead and do ‘the thing’ anyway

I push myself, if diffidently

to the front of the crowd

of writers, poets, artists and illustrators,

for not to try would be worse than failing.

And I would not forgive myself for my cowardice.


But still, many don’t believe.


This week, on dVerse Poetics, our lovely host Mish asks to write about whatt we are afraid of. Mostly, and not including the overwhelmingly huge matters of politics, economey, environment and so on into consideration, mostly I am afraid of myself. But it seems that I put up a good front of calm… like the swan.

What are you afraid of? Do you want to share with us? Head on over to dVerse and enter into some poetic catharsis.


Sweetie – dVerse


I bleed onto the page

with words,

on paper

brimming with colour

– all I create

is run through with me

like words embedded in a stick

of Brighton rock

I live in Kiss Me Quick world

but hide from

flibbertigibbet fancies,

preferring constancy


It’s time to write a quadrille on dVerse, where Lillian asks us to write a self-portrait poem. For those of you not from the UK, Kiss Me Quick, Squeeze Me Slow hats were a stalwart feature of the seaside – I definitely remember them from my childhood! A stick of rock was always a sweet treat too, and it had the name of the seaside town running all the way through, which fascinated me.

I hope you enjoy my offering – please do head on over to dVerse to enjoy other self portraits!