Sweetie – dVerse


I bleed onto the page

with words,

on paper

brimming with colour

– all I create

is run through with me

like words embedded in a stick

of Brighton rock

I live in Kiss Me Quick world

but hide from

flibbertigibbet fancies,

preferring constancy


It’s time to write a quadrille on dVerse, where Lillian asks us to write a self-portrait poem. For those of you not from the UK, Kiss Me Quick, Squeeze Me Slow hats were a stalwart feature of the seaside – I definitely remember them from my childhood! A stick of rock was always a sweet treat too, and it had the name of the seaside town running all the way through, which fascinated me.

I hope you enjoy my offering – please do head on over to dVerse to enjoy other self portraits!


53 thoughts on “Sweetie – dVerse

  1. Love this glimpse into you! Ah those sweets of our youth — for me it was pastel buttons on a long narrow sheet of paper and some extremely chewy little square of candy called a banana split!
    Ah constancy —- the comfort of constancy instead of flibbertigibbet fancies πŸ™‚

    1. PS: I had to look up flibbertigibbet — what a GREAT word! If I were a painter, I’d say that’s a new color I’d discovered πŸ™‚

  2. It was fun to learn some British terminology…had to look up flibbertigibbet, Brighton Rocks, and your note explained the hats that were popular at the seaside…sweet indeed, Freya!

  3. I love your opening:

    I bleed onto the page

    with words,

    on paper

    brimming with colour

    brings up such a beautiful, heartfelt image. Someone who gives it her all each day.

  4. I live in Kiss Me Quick world
    but hide from
    flibbertigibbet fancies

    Behind the fun of the words you’ve wielded, your poet’s voice softly speaks serious, sober… not somber, I think. Artfully done; no dodger, you!

  5. I like the at you’ve somehow inverted things, so that you run through your creations. I always wanted rock, but generally kept it until it went soft and sticky. Not very appealing.

    I always wondered how they got the stripes onto toothpaste, too.

  6. Wonderful glimpse. Like Maria – a flibbertigibbet, a will ‘o the wisp….excellently done – the words that run through the candy and how your experiences run through you. Greatly enjoyed.

  7. ‘Flibbertigibbet and Fancy Free’..
    SMiLeS and thaT
    SpeLLs mY perSonal
    in juST
    oh.. the
    oF Dr. Jekyll
    AnD Good Cop Mr. Hyde..;)

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