Change is Good!

Well, I have started 2014 with the way I wish to continue – change is already happening. I’m moving house in a week’s time (to a great new place, including a gorgeous horse-sized dog) and have already managed to make leaps and bounds in my writing venture for this year.

I realised today that the last time I entered a writing competition was when I was 14 or so – that’s a looooong time ago! I didn’t worry about it, consider ‘what if’, or fret about all the things that could go wrong – and managed to be one of the lucky few who had my entry published in an anthology of teenage girls’ writings. It was an anti-nuclear poem (I was a member of CND) and I was rather proud of it. I remember that the first lines went something like this… “Who do they think they are / Those people at the top / That they can even think / Of letting the atom bomb drop”… and went on to reference fried breakfasts and mushroom clouds….

Anyway, the point is, that I’m long overdue to enter another competition. So, that’s what I’m working on right now, as the deadline for the entry is early February. I may be a little quieter on here than I was before Christmas, but it’s all in a good cause, to make sure I don’t miss that deadline. Having written that, I have a feeling that I’ll prove myself wrong and experience a sudden burst of additional inspiration, but the main aim is to get my entry in and not be distracted.

So, please don’t think I’ve abandoned my little corner of the blogosphere – far from it!  Thank you all for you comments, likes, follows and so on. It makes me very happy to think that so many people enjoy my writing.

Now, time to work on my work in progress!


9 thoughts on “Change is Good!

  1. What competition? That might stretch me, too…

    Have fun with it. WP is like a bar, you can drop in and drop into the conversation, and leave and do other stuff as long as you like (shamelessly stealing a comment that twitter is like a bar)

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