Bound – SoCS May 7/16



Cassandra was the heir-apparent to the empire. Everyone accepted that to be true, except Cassandra herself. All she wanted was to retire to her garret (as she fondly thought of her sumptuous apartments atop the North Tower), don her scribbling gown, and write as if her life depended on it. Which, in her mind, it did.

Every day on awakening, she stole a few solitary minutes to admire her ink-stained fingers, ponder what her protagonist would achieve today and know that no matter what she imagined, he would never quite attain it because of her damned looming responsibilities.

Her lady’s maid was full of it, vicarious excitement flushing her cheeks and adding fire to her normally dull, dark eyes. Cassandra however, couldn’t care less. No, that wasn’t quite right, she cared a great deal. Just not in the way that everyone else wanted.

This week, the lovely Linda has prompted us to write using either ‘a parent’ or ‘apparent’. I think it’s pretty apparent which choice I made!

Please head on over to Linda’s blog to find out what Stream of Consciousness Saturday is all about and of course, to enjoy the other entries, including Linda’s herself! Thank you, Linda, for the inspiration!


Oranges and Lemons – Magpie Tales


There is no finer thing in life than decadence – being able to take yourself out of your thoughts, your inner turmoil, and just being, in all your glory.

That’s what he told me, anyway.

I was such a fool not to ask whose decadence he was referring to – I assumed he meant these ethereal heights were for our mutual enjoyment, for our entwined ecstacy.

I can give myself all the excuses in the world, can write my assumptions off as naivety borne from youth and exuberance, but really, I was stupid. I trusted someone when alarm bells were ringing louder than Oranges and Lemons.

More fool me. Oh yes, I might look like I’m having a good time, he has me dressed in all the finery, the silks, the satins, the lace.

Have you looked into my eyes lately, though?

There’s nothing left of me.


Here’s this week’s entry into Magpie Tales. Please visit here for more creativity, and why not take part, if you feel the urge! I’m squeaking in before this week’s image is posted – better late than never, I hope!

This was somewhat inspired by John Fowles’ ‘The Collector’, and then, I have to confess, by my own, dark imaginings. I’ll leave that thought with you, shall I?

In which nobody is satisfied – VisDare 63

4a68062ee2c258ecd67a401cb6b5e7fa-2Photo Source

worker ants are we

carrying our load

that over the years

has become leaden, unwieldy

and grown knife-sharp

burrs digging into skin and necrotising flesh

eroding and abrading

laden with expectation

wants have transformed into needs

more urgent than water

than the very air we breathe

infinite possibilities are subsumed

in unrelenting grey dolour

as unstoppable as time itself


it takes strength to resist

to walk away from the pressure

and those who say ‘just do it’

and those who say ‘it’s not that easy’

are both right

each from their own perspective

each from their own prison

each hearing, but not listening –

empathy is necessary

more so these days than ever, perhaps

and yet the white noise deafens

we are hoodwinked and blinded

and through wilful isolation

we choose to fail to realise –

we are not alone.


Here’s my latest entry into VisDare this week, the prompt run by the lovely Angela. I have chosen to write in poetic form this time, but of course, I have met the guide of using 150 words or less! Please feel free to read, comment, critique or just enjoy, whatever you prefer.

I am going through a bit of a political phase on my blog at the moment, as you will see from here  and here. Of course, all of life is political and politics invites people to disagree with your opinions. Wouldn’t life be dull (or horrific) if we all had the same viewpoint? I’m not great at arguments, they do put me in turmoil. But life requires you to be brave, right?