Bound – SoCS May 7/16



Cassandra was the heir-apparent to the empire. Everyone accepted that to be true, except Cassandra herself. All she wanted was to retire to her garret (as she fondly thought of her sumptuous apartments atop the North Tower), don her scribbling gown, and write as if her life depended on it. Which, in her mind, it did.

Every day on awakening, she stole a few solitary minutes to admire her ink-stained fingers, ponder what her protagonist would achieve today and know that no matter what she imagined, he would never quite attain it because of her damned looming responsibilities.

Her lady’s maid was full of it, vicarious excitement flushing her cheeks and adding fire to her normally dull, dark eyes. Cassandra however, couldn’t care less. No, that wasn’t quite right, she cared a great deal. Just not in the way that everyone else wanted.

This week, the lovely Linda has prompted us to write using either ‘a parent’ or ‘apparent’. I think it’s pretty apparent which choice I made!

Please head on over to Linda’s blog to find out what Stream of Consciousness Saturday is all about and of course, to enjoy the other entries, including Linda’s herself! Thank you, Linda, for the inspiration!


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