Oranges and Lemons – Magpie Tales


There is no finer thing in life than decadence – being able to take yourself out of your thoughts, your inner turmoil, and just being, in all your glory.

That’s what he told me, anyway.

I was such a fool not to ask whose decadence he was referring to – I assumed he meant these ethereal heights were for our mutual enjoyment, for our entwined ecstacy.

I can give myself all the excuses in the world, can write my assumptions off as naivety borne from youth and exuberance, but really, I was stupid. I trusted someone when alarm bells were ringing louder than Oranges and Lemons.

More fool me. Oh yes, I might look like I’m having a good time, he has me dressed in all the finery, the silks, the satins, the lace.

Have you looked into my eyes lately, though?

There’s nothing left of me.


Here’s this week’s entry into Magpie Tales. Please visit here for more creativity, and why not take part, if you feel the urge! I’m squeaking in before this week’s image is posted – better late than never, I hope!

This was somewhat inspired by John Fowles’ ‘The Collector’, and then, I have to confess, by my own, dark imaginings. I’ll leave that thought with you, shall I?

2 thoughts on “Oranges and Lemons – Magpie Tales

  1. I remember the Collector. The way the protagonist went about his business with little to no feeling or compassion for his victim has always scared me. Great write Freya.

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