Talking Head

How shall I find the strength to chase my joy,

this passion that sets light to every hour?

Mundanity serves only to annoy,

turning my face to frown and darkling glower.

In days gone by, I dreamed, to hide away

in attics, writing, high above the throng,

romantic thoughts which, in the light of day

then fizzled out. How could I be so wrong?

To think that I could write, that old refrain.

A proper job is what you need, that’s right!

The voice inside my head inflicted pain,

and negativity took hold, turned hope to fright.

But I have fought right back, doubt shall not win!

This writer’s heart beats strongly, deep within.


I’m a little late, taking part in Tony’s dVerse Meeting the Bar challenge this week. Yesterday I travelled to deepest, darkest Wales to stay with my best friend and fellow (non-writing) creative. My long train journey has offered up many fresh pieces of flesh for my notebook, I can assure you!

So here I am in the bird-tweeting and sheep-baaing countryside, finally getting to Tony’s challenge, which is to write a sonnet. As you will see, I have chosen Shakespeare’s favourite rhyming pattern, given that I was born in the Midlands (the only thing I have in common with the great Bard!).

Thank you to Jo-hanna for her comment on line three – I switched ‘serves’ and ‘only’ around, and it reads much better now!

I hope you enjoy it – please do visit dVerse and see how the other poets have tackled this juicy treat!


Discover me, hiding between the bookshelves

My trenches from which to peer out at the world.


Discover me, a hardback in front of my face

My shield and protector from prying eyes.


Discover me, writing as fast as the words come to mind

My pen is my sword, I’ll use it to fight.


Discover me.

Unravel me.

Reveal me.


There just might be more to me than you think.



Hurrah! It’s the monthly fun that is dVerse Open Link, and the bar is open! Beth is tending bar today – she’s new, so be kind, and don’t tut, roll your eyes or indicate any other expressions of impatience as she learns where all the special beers and ales are kept.

This monthly get together has no theme, it is purely for us poets to offer up our creations and revel in all the offerings laid out before us. Why not join in, either be reading and commenting, or even by putting your work on show too? We don’t bite!

My offering is partially inspired by the inner life of a solitary writer, mixed up with influences from recent family history talk and many wonderful photos I was lucky enough to see last weekend, en famille.



The Roads We Travel

Copyright - Freya

Copyright – Freya

The writer’s brain is full of twists and turns, cul de sacs and U-turns. There might be hills and valleys, cliff (hangers), detours, forks in the road and missing signposts. Frustration, emptiness, despair and angst are part and parcel of the journey we take.

Would we trade in the tears and tantrums for a less challenging way of life?


Well, I wouldn’t, anyway.

Because the high, when it all comes together, is indescribable.

What do you think?