Discover me, hiding between the bookshelves

My trenches from which to peer out at the world.


Discover me, a hardback in front of my face

My shield and protector from prying eyes.


Discover me, writing as fast as the words come to mind

My pen is my sword, I’ll use it to fight.


Discover me.

Unravel me.

Reveal me.


There just might be more to me than you think.



Hurrah! It’s the monthly fun that is dVerse Open Link, and the bar is open! Beth is tending bar today – she’s new, so be kind, and don’t tut, roll your eyes or indicate any other expressions of impatience as she learns where all the special beers and ales are kept.

This monthly get together has no theme, it is purely for us poets to offer up our creations and revel in all the offerings laid out before us. Why not join in, either be reading and commenting, or even by putting your work on show too? We don’t bite!

My offering is partially inspired by the inner life of a solitary writer, mixed up with influences from recent family history talk and many wonderful photos I was lucky enough to see last weekend, en famille.



55 thoughts on “Gauntlet

    1. No, it’s not at all like war, I agree. It was just a strange juxtaposition in my strange imagination!

      The photos were taken at various locations around where the Battle of the Somme took place. Some were very moving, like a photo of my Mum laying some family items at a Commonwealth War Grave of one of our ancestors.

  1. Each stanza could easily stand on its own but together, I’d say you know yourself well.We are very much alike. I write more often than I speak and I have more confidence in the written word than those that are spoken. Well crafted.

    I had a chuckle at the comment at the end. No tutting allowed! lol

    1. Thank you, Beth. This past year of writing has certainly helped me not only understand more about myself, but accept it as well, which is even more important, I think. It’s *the* thing I have most confidence in, my writing.

      Glad you enjoyed my ending comment – πŸ™‚

  2. I would never claim to be a writer of any distinction whatsoever, but this resonates with me and I can’t even decide which bit I like the best: pen as sword, hiding behind a book or the wish to be seen and acknowledged. Beautiful!

    1. I am trying hard this year to let down the defences a little. So far, it has been a refreshing and enlightening experience. But I still like and need to keep a little of me, for me.

  3. Some of us, we poets of many colors, in several languages, are Type A, gregarious, & work for a whole lifetime on our performance skills, our communicative skills, & of late for me, my listening skills; my sweet wife is a great help in that department. I emulate Churchill, Twain, JFK, great conversationalists, great speechmakers, but even better writers. See what you poem has stirred up? Thanks.

    1. I have been described as a bit of a stirrer, on occasion! I like to make the odd, quiet comment, and then stand well back (like lighting a firework!). Listening skills are very hard to cultivate, I think. Proper, active listening takes effort!

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