Summer – Trifextra week 72

I’m on a bit of a writing buzz today, so couldn’t resist my first entry into one of the Trifecta writing challenges – Trifextra. I’ve had my eye on this blog for a little while – it’s time to jump in!

This weekend’s Trifextra challenge is to write exactly 33 words on what summer means to the writer. Summer means many things to me, so my offering below is just one aspect.


As a late-leaving office worker, now I can enjoy my version of London in all its deserted, light-blessed glory. No crowds to dodge, just space in which to reflect on the glass-bound skyscrapers.

By Freya Writes

By Freya Writes

22 thoughts on “Summer – Trifextra week 72

  1. Welcome to Trifecta! There’s something magical about wandering amongst the skyscrapers in the evening, isn’t there? Great job with the prompt. Hope we see more of you!

    1. Thank you for the welcome, Christine! Yes, even the cities can be beautiful in the summer, if you get the chance to look up (not whilst crossing roads, though!).

  2. This is quite an exciting challenge too! I have just had a look at the blog and have seen that the rules change from one challenge to the next.
    Your text marches the picture perfectly! It is jot easy to write about London since so many authors have done it before. I like the ‘light-blessed glory’ and the ‘glass-bound skyscrapers’.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I quite like the idea of there being different challenges each week, some very short, some not so short. I agree that London can be hard to write about, but this fitted quite well with something I was talking about only a few hours ago, connected with working late.

      1. When I was London last February, I wanted to see Buckingham Palace again. It was very cold, dark and late so the place was totally deserted. It just felt like a different location altogether – as if this famous site was in a different place or if it was not really Buckingham Palace. Very weird!

  3. Now I don’t feel so bad about working until after ten at night. I forget how nice a city can be at night!

  4. There’s definitely something special about a city in the summer. Space to reflect – I get it.
    Welcome to Trifecta!

  5. London is best when it’s quiet. I went down to Finnsbury Park last weekend – bloody people everywhere!

    I like how you referred to it as your version.
    How is the Big Smoke today? Less like the imagery in your piece I expect.

    1. I used to think I was one of a few that preferred not to be around people… I think we ‘anti-social’ types are just looking for a bit of peace.

      We all perceive our surroundings differently, I think. Today, it is busy, of course…

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