Nocturne – Alastair’s Photo Fiction

Here is my offering for Alastair’s Photo Fiction this week, inspired by the photo below.  Why not take part? And why not visit his photography and writing blog to take a look at his other photos…?


– Nocturne –

There was no way out. Sandra slumped onto the seat.

She knew there wouldn’t be a train coming in 1 minute, or in 6 minutes. The display was broken, frozen in time. It was 3am, she had fallen asleep at the station on a Sunday morning after another heavy night, and all her so-called friends had left her to it.

‘Acquaintances,’ she said firmly to herself. ‘Not friends.’

She thought about last night, or what she could remember of it. Her life had been chaotic since The Accident. She always thought of it like that, turning the horrific events into a novel. Anything but admit that it was real, that it had happened to her, that in one moment, she had changed so many lives.

‘Ruined lives,’ she thought.

A single tear tracked its way down her cheek.

She closed her eyes. She could wait. Nothing really mattered, not any more.

15 thoughts on “Nocturne – Alastair’s Photo Fiction

  1. You can’t help but feel sorry for her, but at the same time knowing before she gets better, has to admit the truth.

    What a brilliantly sad story

      1. Yes it can unfortunately. I had a neighbour. Although he didn’t kill anyone. He was caught for drunk driving. Had his license taken off of him for a year. Got it back and was caught a week later drink driving again so lost it for three years. I moved and would not retain contact with him.

  2. The pain she experiences feels very real. It makes you wonder whether it is better to be in denial or to face the truth and its consequence.
    I also liked your use of the verb ‘track’ in this context.

  3. A sad, desperate situation. But, as other commenters mentioned, I think it’s good she admits what’s happened before, she’s honest about it. We can hope things improve from here.

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