Discordance – dVerse Open Link Week 116

Here’s my latest entry into the dVerse Open Link – why not take a look at everyone else’s wonderful responses?

This piece is about the wrong time, the wrong place, about how, in a typically English fashion, we sometimes hide behind our walls, offer up excuses for fear of being hurt, or revealing our true selves.


– Discordance –

If I was in another place
inside my head, if there was space
and I could clear away the noise
that leaves me raw and turns me cold –

If I was in another place,
and could connect, smile at your face
that holds those eyes of perfect poise
I would smile and risk my soul –

If I was in another place
where I could turn back and retrace
the path that left an empty shell
I would reach out, take your hand –

But I am in this darkened place
which won’t allow a moment’s grace,
to open up my heart and tell
you my life story, understand

that this is not my chosen place,
our cards are mismatched in this case
please walk on by, return again
for now just let me be your friend

29 thoughts on “Discordance – dVerse Open Link Week 116

  1. it is hard when you find yourself in those places to see things like love and possibility….i have been there…years ago…and all that came out of the black hole of me was pain….

  2. the risk is sharp and real indeed, but to not risk is to shut out all possiblity
    great poem

    also, my mother almost named me Freya

    1. Yes, we need to strike the right balance between not taking someone into our lives and cursing them pain, and following the path of ‘what if?’ every now and again.

      Freya is a family name for me…

  3. Ah, I think we have to accept the place we are in…and work to make the best of it. We can always find a way to make it a better place, I think.

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