Frack Off! – dVerse Poetics

Please excuse the poor formatting and whatnot – I am posting this using my phone, so goodness knows what it will look like! Suffice to say that this week’s dVerse Poetics prompt was too good to miss. The issue about which I feel strongly was also very close to my dad’s heart, and since I have spent a strangely enjoyable evening talking about him, it feels like the right thing to do. I don’t have my laptop with me (I am away from home), hence the phone post.

I hope you enjoy this – it was written very quickly, but the pumpkins were calling! I will come back and comment on others’ poems and tidy this up, next week.


– Frack Off! –

What the frack are you all doing,

stomping through our field?


Shaking up the ground boys,

to extract what shale will yield.


But can’t you see we’re ripening,

until we’ve reached our best?


Sorry guys, the future’s ours,

there is no time to rest.


You’ve got to wait, the season’s here,

the farmer needs his crop.


Shut your mouth, behave yourselves!

There’s no way we will stop.


Pumpkins, squash and turnips too,

for decades we’ve grown here.


Times they change, that’s how it is,

the law is very clear.


Power and might are on your side,

for now at least, it’s true.


But Mother Nature will fight back,

and first, she’ll come for you.

You’re going too far, you’ve lost the plot –

money has turned your head.

Filthy lucre’s not all that.






31 thoughts on “Frack Off! – dVerse Poetics

  1. whew….strong language….but well needed…the powers that be follow the money…mother nature on the other hand can def be vindictive….and she i imagine will get her due for sure…glad you got to spend time this eve with your dad….enjoy your trip….

    1. It depends on the country in which you are located. Here in the UK, the government seems to be gung-ho with fracking and there have been significant protests in a village near to where I live, as a company had been given a licence to begin pre-fracking work.

  2. Very strong and effective in relating the powers of money and of nature. Nature will get her just due, in time, unfortunately, through the food chain.

  3. Wow. Nature will extract her revenge, ultimately, but what is being done in the name of the almighty dollar and to continue our dependence on fossil fuels is nauseating. Thank you for this.

  4. It scares the heck out of me. It all seems so short-sighted and there are so many unresearched sides to it. I can’t bear to think about the consequences. Well done you taking this on. And to do this from a growing vegetable’s perspective is witty.

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