Withdrawal Symptoms – Trifecta Week 98

Mwahahahaha….. I’m baaaack!

Below is my offering for Trifecta’s week 98 challenge word, which is ‘zombie’. As you will see from the Trifecta blog post, the challenge is to write between 33 and 333 words of fiction, non-fiction, poetry or prose, based on the 3rd definition from the Merriam Webster’s Online Dictionary. This week the 3rd definition of ‘zombie’ is:

a mixed drink made of several kinds of rum, liqueur and fruit juice

I hope you enjoy my offering – please check here for the other entries!


– Withdrawal Symptoms –

“I’d like to open a bank account please.”

“OK. What’s it for?”

“Excuse me?”

“What’s it for? Paying in your salary, savings, stuff like that.”

“Oh, right, sorry. Well, it’s a bit delicate you see –“

“Hit me with it. I hear all sorts of stuff. I’m not easily shocked.”

“I’d rather not – .”

“Ohhhhh! Let me see if I can guess. Hmmm, Burberry coat, tailored suit, hand-made shoes, Cartier watch – yep, gotcha. Divorce proceedings. You took him to the cleaners, right?”

“Really, I’d rather not –“

“OK, my lovely’. Hold on a mo, let me just have a bit more of my drink. It’s very dry in here, isn’t it?”

“Now you mention it, yes, it is rather. Do you think I could have a drink?”

“Of course, my dear, here you are!”

“Oh my…. This is… Mmmmm, what is it?”

“A Zombie. To celebrate the holiday season, bring new customers in. If you ask me, Hallowe’en isn’t a holiday, not here. Not like America. Have you been to America? I’ve not, never, no. Would love to one day, if I ever meet someone rich…”

“It’s fabulous! I went to uhmm, oh, what’s that place called? I just can’t quite… Oh, don’t mind if I do, yes, thank you, this is lovely, very thirst-quenching, mmm…”

“You were saying, about being rich? Look, this is the perfect bank account. I’ve been working on it whilst we’ve been talking. Here, give me your other bank card, that’s right, just tap a few numbers in here, just, like, that and bingo! Job done. Money transferred.”

“Oh! I – “

“Yes, I’m very efficient, that’s what they all say. Now, we’re just about to close, so if you don’t mind – thank you, goodbye now!”

“Nice one, Al. Right, better wrap this place up and get a move on before the police catch up with us.”

“Drinks are on me and, what’s her name? Mrs Arlingham-Ward. What a lovely, lovely lady!”

“Cheers, mate!”




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