Miscellany – dVerse Meeting the Bar

– Miscellany –

You can choose your friends

but not your family, so they say.

This thought comforts those who have shallow roots

or roots that are tortuous, jagged and sharp.

But sometimes, you don’t get to choose the friend –

he or she selects you in a way that surprises,

and sometimes hurts.

You don’t have a choice, it’s not always warm and cosy,

not always ideal.

But life isn’t like that – tidily arranged

with signs that point you in the direction best-suited.

So grab hold of your friend, the one who has elbowed

his or her way into your life.

And never let go.


This week, we write about friendship, in honour of a poet who left us too soon, Dave King.

I didn’t have the joy of ‘meeting’ him unfortunately, but his poems and blog are there for us to visit, which I certainly will. You can read and discover many more thoughts on friendship right here.

35 thoughts on “Miscellany – dVerse Meeting the Bar

  1. So very true! It IS important to keep the friends we have (those we choose & those who choose us) & to fight hard to keep them. A loss of a friend, through any cause, is sad.

  2. ah true that.. i have some people in my life that i never would’ve thought become friends.. and now they’re so precious to me… friends should be held tight indeed.. they’re worth gold..

  3. smiles…true….sometimes you end up with odd friends….the odd couple…and wonder how in the world life brought you together….but it works…and you really cant explain it…nor do you really need an explanation….

  4. The journey you describe has afforded me some of the most valuable relationships in my life. I have had the privilege to meet a few in person – I hope to meet many more in future as the connections explode exponentially when we are face to face over food and drinks. Thank you!

  5. I am touched with your message that friendship is sacred and we should not take it for granted. I Loved your reminder that once we have a true friend, never let them go.

    1. Oh my goodness! Thank you – what a lovely surprise to be nominated 🙂

      I forgot to say, since I’m a newbie to how the award works and time is short right now, I will follow up with the etiquette requirements soon – don’t worry!

  6. A lovely write………friends we choose and friends who choose us. It is the coolest thing in this community, the interactions and growth of friendships that run very deep. Loved your poem.

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