Traces – Friday Fictioneers

Here is this week’s entry into the weekly challenge brought to us by the lovely Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

Here are the rules: Use the photo as inspiration, write a hundred(ish) words – and share! Here goes my offering for this week – and I welcome your comments again!

– Traces –

They tear my beloved keyboard to pieces. I try not to mind.

Of course, my mind is taken off them levering it apart when they begin their search on and inside me, convinced that I’m carrying.

Then I remember you stroking the keys, your fingertips lingering on the black and white, finally whispering over my skin. Leaving… traces.

I’m a decoy. You sail through customs, do the switch, hail a taxi, free as a bird.

I’ll be with you soon, once they’ve finished their paperwork. And you’re buying me a new keyboard.

The best, of course.

35 thoughts on “Traces – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Go to Jail, go directly to Jail. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200.
    Clever pair these two. Good scam. Let’s hope he doesn’t double-cross her like Sandra suggests.

    1. Aha – so you picked up that she was a willing participant! Others haven’t been so sure – but I was intentionally a little vague. If it had been the original length (220 words-ish) then it would have been blindingly obvious 🙂

  2. this was so exciting. like a scene from a movie. and i agree with Björn but since this is fiction, well.. i think i’m gonna keep rooting for her ^^

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