Ligo Haibun News

Most weeks of late, I have been taking part in the Ligo Haibun Challenge, where we are invited to write haibun, a Japanese writing form of prose interspersed or closing with haiku. It’s a very different form of writing, not to mention addictive!

I have been lucky enough to receive Honourable Mentions for two of my pieces now – quite different in voice (it’s not all about dystopia here!). I know how very good the other creations are – we all work hard at our craft! There is always something new to learn and read, and this form of writing does take me to unexpected places, I confess. So, thank you to Ese and Ye Pirate (not to mention Penny, who is there in the background) for mulling, reading, reviewing and discussing the pros and cons of all of our pieces. And thank you for my two awards! If you click on both of the badges, you can go directly to my pieces, if you haven’t read them already. If you would like to, of course… 🙂


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