Isolation – dVerse Poetics

This week’s dVerse Poetics is asking us to look to the future and wax poetic on what we see there. I’m not sure if this fits the sci-fi that Bjorn would like to see, but I’m all about the dystopia, so this is what you’re getting! It’s partially inspired by the Silo series of books by Hugh Howey which I absolutely adore.

I hope you enjoy my creation – and please visit dVerse to read the other imaginings of my fellow poets!

– Isolation –

Trapped beneath the earth’s crust

We only have the myths, encased in dusty pages

Of books never read

To help us imagine what Above


We forgot to communicate

To breathe, to appreciate the wonders

Of days spent outside

In fresh clean air, with people we love –


The young went first, weakened

Lungs not developed, muscles made frail

By atmosphere choked

With acid rain, fallout from fossil


We dug deep, in souls and dirt

Racing hard, dropping the baton, running

To stand still whilst Nature

Wreaked her havoc, unleashing


Of Hell, firestorms raging

As we closed the trapdoors above

Sealing our fate –

We don’t know when we will rise, or even


…Time passes so slowly here.

25 thoughts on “Isolation – dVerse Poetics

  1. You have painted a dark and scary world here! I like “We only have the myths, encased in dusty pages / Of books never read /To help us imagine what Above / Is” but can’t imagine living in such a terrifying place. Well-done!

  2. oh this is delicious….i def want to hear more…what an intriguing story you have set up in it as well…for survival…what a thing to have to choose as well…a life below with no sun…

  3. For me this is the best scifi/fantasy, taking what is and asking What if this continues, what then? And that could lead to the fall or the rise, depending how far out we are willing to travel. I await the novel that this poem belongs in.

    1. Thank you, Susan. No matter how far in the future a novel (or poem!) is sent, if it involves humans, or derivatives of humans, then the basic questions are always there to answer. The risk/reward profile might change, the outcome might be more fundamental, but the overriding themes are based on love and survival (in my opinion)>

  4. Strange how we rarely give a thought to what is below our feet: always dream and look up.
    What could pass for hell is physically so close, with all the burning gases and fires.

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