Embrace the new

Hello all – I am back, just in time to chase the old year out of the door and welcome in the new with a huge sigh of relief.

Wherever you are, and whoever you are, I wish you all a wonderful 2014, whether it arrives with a bang or just waits patiently for you to notice it.

I am looking forward to change, creativity, love, peace, friends, family and happiness. Oh, and just a smidge of writing – because that’s how I roll!

I hope you enjoy my poem – Happy New Year!


– Embrace the New –

The last moments of this year are almost departed
The countdown to next year resounds in our heads
We pause, all is silent, the moment is on us
The chimes ring out twelve times – the new year is here!

Let the London Eye spin, resplendent and glorious
With rainbow-hued lights and brilliant flame
Old River Thames reflects our festivities
Look out to the future, let our hearts beat again

What will this gift of a fresh new year bring us?
What will we learn, create or complete?
Possibilities are endless, if only we allow it
Embrace the unknown, take a chance, a blind leap

So now, let’s enjoy the chimes as they ring out
The smiles, the cheers and the old Auld Lang Syne
A fresh start, a clean sheet, a year not yet written
Happy 2014 – let adventures begin!

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