Fool’s Gold

I wonder if in a future to come
We’ll ponder on the verb ‘to frack’
If our horizons will make us all glum
At the backbone that we lack

For want of a nail, the shoe falls off
For want of a mind, we act as one
We crumble, shake, allow others to scoff
And squander our Earth in pursuit of fun

My heart is hopeful, half-full is my glass
As protestors take a brave, strong stand
But I’m afraid we’ll fall on our collective ass
Swap morals for oil and sell off all our land!


This week on dVerse, our Swedish bar-tender Bjorn wants us to write dagsvers, or daily verse, a journalistic form of poetry that (sadly) only seems to appear in Nordic newspapers. These poetic comments on current events, maybe with a touch of fun, are a wonderful idea! I’m afraid I’m not up to adding a cartoon style drawing to set off my sardonic little poem, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. And yes, I confess it is on the dark side of funny, but hey, you should know how I roll by now!

Please do go and visit the other wonderful poets who take part in the dVerse community and do, do, do comment! We all love a comment!


36 thoughts on “Fool’s Gold

    1. I know – ‘fracking’ seems so jokey, a little bit like a certain swear word, and therefore not to be taken seriously. But hydraulic fracturing sounds much more serious…..

    1. Indeed – imagine if a generation did not? I think that the world would indeed be lost, if that were the case. I’ve been on some protest marches in my time – I don’t intend to get quieter as I get older! I’m really glad you enjoyed my piece.

  1. cool play on, for want of a nail…it fits well…fracking…ugh…we really need to consider alternative fuel sources that are enviro-safe…i hope we are looking back from a much better place and can just laugh at the word frack…ha.

  2. Personally I think fracking is insane. Your poem is a clever way of presenting such a contentious issue – It would be brilliant if you could get it published in one of those Swedish newspapers.

  3. I wish this would be taken up by the newspapers especially around here (of course they never would, we know who write the checks for those hacks). You said it far better than I could!

  4. oh i do hope as well that we manage to re-think things… we just cannot continue like we do at the moment and have to protect what our earth has to offer

    1. Sometimes, I feel confounded, worrying where to start with it all. But then I visit my Mum, see her doing all the things she did back in the 1970s when it was radical – recycling, using teapot dregs to water plants, saving jars to re-use for her own jams and pickles – and I think, the tiniest step is worth it. Forty plus years of her efforts will surely have made a difference.

  5. I hunted three years ago in North Dakota, where fracking was really taking off. Even then, the night sky was lit with hellish fires from gasses being burned off at the wells. It was very eerie, and disturbing. Now, my friends up there tell me it’s much worse, a gold-rush kind of boom town atmosphere, and all the infrastructure is grossly overloaded. Meanwhile, the groundwater is undrinkable, and getting worse. Insanity unbridled. Sad.

  6. I love the title, it’s really clever. It seems like we are going to kill ourselves so a few people can have a little more money and power.

    1. Thank you – the title came to me in a flash, whilst I was walking home from my train station. Anyone nearby would have heard me muttering it over and over so I didn’t forget it!

      Hmm, the concept of the greater good seems to have fallen by the wayside these days.

  7. Excellent. I do believe ‘frack’ will become a swear word in the future as we are indeed ‘fracking’ up our future…
    Anna :o]

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