The Interpreter – Five Sentence Fiction


Photo source

“So, where were you when this photo was taken, Granny?”

Marilyn wrestles with her conscience, but only for a moment – wrestling is so unfeminine after all.

“I was behind the camera!” she claims breezily, waving her perfectly painted nails in the air above the black and white photo.

Marilyn glances down at her granddaughter’s questioning face, but all she sees is the French maid outfit, the black satin sheets, the red silk scarf draped artfully over the bedside lampshade and the captain’s uniform lying at the foot of the bed.

“Oh, I was definitely in uniform too, darling girl, without a doubt!”

12 thoughts on “The Interpreter – Five Sentence Fiction

  1. This is such a lovely take, Freya.
    Granny was the photographer, and she makes it a point that she too was in a Uniform so that her Captain grand-daughter will feel good!
    Many times, 1 person from a group has to be the photographer & sacrifice the chance of being in the photo!
    But, now this is the Selfie age, so no problem 🙂

  2. No lies were told, there were after all many different uniforms in war as there are in life. Marilyn’s war sounds rather interesting in a wicked way.

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