SoCS March 12/16 – ball


She’d gone and done it again, failed to keep track, heck, she’d even written the damned thing in her Filofax, diligently, neatly, in her bullet journal style that had been keeping her life organised for the past eighteen months since things had gone so awry.

But this past week had been so damned hectic – work demands, her bloody sister nagging at her to be a good aunty for a change and babysit the nephew that she really, really couldn’t bring herself to like, for all his spoiled, only-child ways, and then – Leonard. That damned man, swanning in and out of her life like a willo-the-wisp, and even harder to grasp hold of especially when she needed his presence the most.

She took to her bed for an early night, ignoring the pile of dirty laundry, ignoring the dishes soaking in greasy water, hunks of soggy tomato and flecks of ground beef, ignoring the dust bunnies gathering around the dining table legs. Tonight, it was all about her and reruns of Law & Order.

“Yo, Jen! Where the heck are you?”

Leonard. Calling from the pavement below, decked out in black tie. What the -?”

She hauled open the obstinate sash window, grasping her nightgown tightly around her neck against the chill night air. Damn. She must look like hell – no make-up, hair all mussed up, and she was sure there was a smear of chocolate ice cream across her cheek.

“We’re late babe. Why aren’t you ready?”

“For what? You’ve been out of contact for over a week. I thought you’d disappeared on me… again.”

“Don’t be a fool. Come on, glad rags on my girl, our chariot awaits!” Leonard swept an arm out and Jen followed its arc to the limousine shining under the streetlight below.

Oh hell! The ball. Tonight, tonight was The Ball.

Yes, she had forgotten.

She had dropped the ball… again.


Here’s this week’s entry into Stream of Consciousness Saturday! Please head on over to Linda’s blog to read all the delicious creativity that can be found there.  I hope you enjoyed the read.

Thank you once again to Linda for creating this vibrant community!


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