The Big Reveal – dVerse Form for All

Here’s my latest entry into the dVerse Form for All!

Today, our only limit is the number of words – 55 in total.

All the authors showcased by Samuel tonight were better known for their novels, and yet considered themselves poets first and foremost. I was hooked into tonight by reference to Jude the Obscure, one of my favourite classic novels of all time.

I hope you enjoy my offering… And I will visit as many other 55 word creations as soon as I can.


– The Big Reveal –

Realisation breeds fascination
Wonder at a life of sorrow
For I have finally understood
I can start again tomorrow

Yesterday was not the blueprint
It didn’t set my future’s way
Unused hours arrayed before me
Are mine to appreciate and say –

“I am perfect, I am me
Today – is my day to be.”

Down the rabbit hole – dVerse Form for All

Here’s my latest entry into the dVerse Form for All!

Today, we are attempting the ode in the style of Pablo Neruda, the Nobel prize-winning Chilean poet who developed his own style of ode, dedicated to the mundane, the ordinary, the everyday.

My mundanity is something most of us have to contend with, and yet I think we kind of love it, even if it doesn’t make us happy all of the time…

I hope you enjoy my offering…


– Down the rabbit hole –

You drive me
to achieve what
I would fail
to do
myself –
in the morning
you hustle and
chivvy me
along to
the rhythm of
my beating
heart –
‘Don’t be late,
don’t be late’
you cry
as if you
were Alice’s
white rabbit
brought to life –
every mechanical,
clinking, clanking
to save my from myself,
from the terror
of missed trains
and the ire
of irate colleagues –
and yet my love
for your
turns sour in an
when I forget
to silence you
at weekends.
O alarm clock –
are you my master
are your hands
in mine,
when all is said –
and done?

Who’s That Girl? – dVerse Form for All – List Poetry, Google-style

Here’s my latest entry into the dVerse Form for All – and the great gods of dVerse must have been smiling on my brain-dead brain this evening – I don’t think I could have coped with having to create a triolet or anything of that nature!

So, list poetry – courtesy of Googlism – I hope you enjoy it! I chose me, Freya, as the subject matter, stripping out the many references to Norse gods and mythology, and the other references that just didn’t grab me.  Please visit the other poets’ offerings – they are bound to be fabulous!


– Who’s That Girl? –

freya is on her way
freya is going out with a bang
freya is a bit different
freya is a trustworthy and loyal character who hides a dark and tragic past
freya is still perched on jackstands in the boat yard
freya is not a very good choice
freya is gone
freya is