Destination – dVerse Form for All – the Rondeau

Here’s my latest entry into the dVerse Form for All – why not take a look at everyone else’s wonderful responses?

This piece was inspired by my journey home from work this evening – after a particularly long and tiring day at work. I literally squeezed every ounce out of what was left of my mental energy today to produce this rondeau – the first that I have ever knowingly written!  I hope you enjoy it.


– Destination –

As the train rolls along the tracks
Its rhythm soothes, bids us relax
Our aching souls, our weary minds
That chew on cares enough to bind
Our beating hearts, encased in wax.

With no real love, spirits contract
Hands of friendship are pulled back
Metal-clad world, we are confined
As the train rolls

Sinking bodies, fall, collapse
On threadbare seats, like formless sacks
Smiling in sleep, we bring to mind
Our joys and hopes, bright pleasures find
The tunnel’s end brings light, perhaps
As the train rolls

The Telling – dVerse Form for All

– The Telling –

the death instinct is mine to share
all my entrails in its possession
alone in berlin i taste it, here
its potency is my obsession

the gone girl haunts echoing streets
her fate infects the stones of the walls
i dream of escape, but none can save
me from her torment; her curdling calls

she follows, chases, tracks my steps
the harbour drowning in fear and flood
her one last revolt, desperate, frantic
fuelled by passion, a fire in the blood

the red coffin is now her home
laid to rest, no honour, no glory
few come to witness, care or lament
here i remain, trapped in her story


What a joyous inspiration in this week’s dVerse Form for All – weave a poem inspired by the books on your shelves! My pile in my office held rich pickings for me…

Freya's novel office library

Freya’s novel office library

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Reflections – dVerse Form for All: Ballads

– Reflections –

Mists hang low in valleys soft
The sun suspended, brings the dawn
Creatures stir, send sighs aloft
Fields jewel-encrusted, sparkle

Nature’s joys in sharp relief
To inner turmoil, loss and pain
My heart it trembles, not with grief
But contentment, long-awaited

I see the beauty through Dad’s eyes
His artist’s gift, perception
My heart it lifts, my own sunrise
His smile in mine reflected.


This is in honour of my dad, who we lost this summer too soon for Autumn’s mists.  He championed Nature in his work, and his art.

Thank you, dVerse for the inspiration. Enjoy many, many more ballads here.