The Big Reveal – dVerse Form for All

Here’s my latest entry into the dVerse Form for All!

Today, our only limit is the number of words – 55 in total.

All the authors showcased by Samuel tonight were better known for their novels, and yet considered themselves poets first and foremost. I was hooked into tonight by reference to Jude the Obscure, one of my favourite classic novels of all time.

I hope you enjoy my offering… And I will visit as many other 55 word creations as soon as I can.


– The Big Reveal –

Realisation breeds fascination
Wonder at a life of sorrow
For I have finally understood
I can start again tomorrow

Yesterday was not the blueprint
It didn’t set my future’s way
Unused hours arrayed before me
Are mine to appreciate and say –

“I am perfect, I am me
Today – is my day to be.”

58 thoughts on “The Big Reveal – dVerse Form for All

  1. it is cool when we realize that we can start all over again..that each morning is a fresh canvas and the things we did do have an influence but we can also take the steering wheel and give the boat a new course anytime… and living the moment… carpe diem…yeah… that’s good…

  2. It is always good to realize that past is past, and we can begin tomorrow with a fresh slate. Having the attitude “Today is the day to be” is a perfect start.

  3. what an uplifting piece….and the realization as well that no matter what has happened in the past that today is a new day as tomorrow can be as well…also the acceptance of yourself as well..that is a powerful thing…

  4. A new sunrise with a clean slate…
    Not for Jude though. I reckon that was what depressed me most: the way every life seemed to be set in stone.

      1. I wish you’d show me what I have overlooked.
        But then: Tolkien’s Ring gets me the same way: inescapable gloom, unleavened my humour, or even irony, which may well have had pertinence at the time of the writing he ripped off [Beowult et al], but in my view has little to offer to us today.
        Again, I am way off beam in this opinion. Oh well….

      2. Aah, I don’t think it’s a matter of overlooking anything – we are all different, and are enthused by, or irritated (if not angered!) by different things. I tried (and failed) to read Tolkein’s Ring Trilogy so many times, I can’t even count. It does nothing for me, at all. So… nothing to worry about at all!

  5. Self-appreciation, love, & forgiveness–it all starts there. How can we ever love others if we do not love ourselves first? Your poem is like one of Rumi’s; loved it, thanks.

  6. Optimists are wonderful — mine even gives me a great rate on my eye exam.
    Lovely poem, darling.

  7. Very nice! I love the form. The first verse I find a bit complicated, but everything lands fine in the second verse. And even if it is not clearly stated, the moral is clear. If we commit sins, yesterday will never be consumed. Only Christ makes “perfect”. I enjoyed this. Nice work!

  8. Nicely done – you went beyond the 55-word requirement and added meter, a quatrain-quatrain-couplet form, rhyme, and even the tomorrow-yesterday-today framework to tie the theme together. I can’t help but appreciate the amount of work that must have taken!

    1. Thank you, Samuel. I really enjoyed the challenge, and just wanted to enter into a bit of rhyme and form, as I had been going down the prose route lately. Poetry for me is such a joy and a learning experience each time I put the words down.

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