Reflections – dVerse Form for All: Ballads

– Reflections –

Mists hang low in valleys soft
The sun suspended, brings the dawn
Creatures stir, send sighs aloft
Fields jewel-encrusted, sparkle

Nature’s joys in sharp relief
To inner turmoil, loss and pain
My heart it trembles, not with grief
But contentment, long-awaited

I see the beauty through Dad’s eyes
His artist’s gift, perception
My heart it lifts, my own sunrise
His smile in mine reflected.


This is in honour of my dad, who we lost this summer too soon for Autumn’s mists.  He championed Nature in his work, and his art.

Thank you, dVerse for the inspiration. Enjoy many, many more ballads here.

26 thoughts on “Reflections – dVerse Form for All: Ballads

  1. A beautiful inspiration gifted by a fine father – so sad to hear of your loss.
    Anna :o]

    PS Your link directs you back to dVerse – I had to visit an early Linky to find you

  2. What a fabulous, gentle ballad in tribute to a precious man – thanks for sharing it with us. On the form – it’s all there; the rhythm and rhyme (axax – the Stairway to Heaven scheme) are spot on.

  3. My condolences on the loss of your father, his talent resides in you and you have written a fitting and heartfelt tribute to I am sure an amazing man. This is very touching…thank you for sharing your words.

    1. Thank you so much. So many people have told me how like him I am – and it is true in the good and the not so good! His major creative form was with paint and pencil, but he also loved to write. I am grateful I inherited his creativity.

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