Jazz Man & Views – dVerse Jazz Poetry

– Jazz Man and Views –

brother believe in your silver-spangled skill-set
stand on the shore, survey the scene
let your guitar sing, reverberate those rhythms
play it again boy, play it with ease

brother believe in your power and your glory
step all aboard, anchors set free
dive into those oceans, manipulate that music
play it all night boy, play with the breeze

brother believe, bring back your tall tales
return to the harbour, head held high
hold fast to the memories, they’ll last you a lifetime
play with your youth boy, play and believe.


This is in honour of my young brother Doug, who sets off today for Barcelona and beyond, playing his guitar and delighting cruise passengers aplenty.Β  He’s a jazz muso, so this fits perfectly. Dead proud of you little bro, dead proud.

Thank you, dVerse for the timely inspiration. Enjoy many, many more jazz-inspired poems here.


28 thoughts on “Jazz Man & Views – dVerse Jazz Poetry

  1. oh nice..first…barcelona is cool..been there last year and hey..your bro can be happy to have a sister who is encouraging him big time here…very nice…all the best for him

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