One – Five Sentence Fiction

It’s time for my latest offering to Lillie McFerrin’s Five Sentence Fiction, a weekly prompt where there is no word limit, just a limit on the number of sentences. Plus, although she provides a word prompt, it is just for direction only – you don’t have to include the word itself in your contribution.

This week, the prompt is  – WILD.

Do let me know what you think of my offering below – and whilst you’re at it, why not take a look at everyone else’s offerings (I’m sure they’ll be fabulous), and even give it a go yourself…


– One –

They describe me as ‘feral’, talking above my head as if I’m incapable of understanding.

They treat me as if I am an imbecile, just because I don’t talk.

I’m not feral, I’m just terrified; I’ve been staring death in the face every day since… then.

I may look like a wilderchild, but I’m just a girl who got lost in the Midbar – that’s all.

I want my mum.

Lillie McFerrin Writes

8 thoughts on “One – Five Sentence Fiction

  1. Freya, first, thanks for commenting at my blog. Much appreciated.

    This is an excellent work. Interesting how people feel they must categorize “the other,” how standoffishness is interpreted as wildness or even hostility. The final line says it all, and how vulnerable is this poor soul? Great. Amy

    1. You’re welcome, Amy 🙂

      Thank you for your lovely comments. As is often the case, this was not the piece I was intending to write. But my vitual pen takes over and this is what I end up with. Sometimes, it pays not to think too much, but to let the subconscious take over. Clearly, categorising and judging were on my mind yesterday. Thank you, once again.

    1. Yes, I re-read it earlier and did think that I could do something more with this character and story. Not for the first time – my blog seems to be a bit of a repository for ‘expand on this later’ stories! Thank you! 🙂

  2. “my blog seems to be a bit of a repository for ‘expand on this later’ stories! ” – I understand completely. So many of these little snippets of fiction of FSF are great starters for longer works. And I learned a new word – Midbar. Good story!

    1. I wondered if anybody would check out the Midbar reference 🙂 (or at least comment on it!).

      I’m sure there are many of us who have this experience with regards to their flash fiction pieces. 🙂

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