We Are Family – Alastair’s Photo Fiction

Here is my offering for Alastair’s Photo Fiction this week, inspired by the photo below.  Why not take part? And why not visit his photography and writing blog to take a look at his other photos…?

Copyright - A Mixed Bag

Copyright – A Mixed Bag

– We Are Family –

“There’s a pike in there you know. It’s got really sharp teeth!”

I rolled my eyes over my little sister’s head as she giggled, grasping Dad tightly around the waist. He winked at me, as I knew he would.

“How big is it, Daddy?”

“Ooooh!” He gripped his pipe between his teeth, screwing up his eyes against the tendrils of smoke curling around his head.  He stretched his arms wide. “It must be this big by now – it’s very, very old!”

“And very, very hungry!” I chimed in, unable to resist joining him on the joke.

Sadie peeked at me from underneath her heavy fringe, eyes sparkling and a grin forming like sun winking from behind the clouds. She poked Dad in the stomach. “Da-ad! You’re teasing me again!”

He picked her up, swinging her high above his head. He let go, and she squealed, excited, yet knowing she was safe. He caught her mid-air, pulling her close to his chest with one arm, enveloping me with the other.

“That’s because I love you. Both of you.”

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