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This week’s is picture week, and I have chosen the ethereal image below, taken by Ye Pirate:


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– Singular –

I remember growing up as an only child and feeling like the odd one out. At home, after school and at weekends, I was perfectly, blissfully happy. I had my imagination. I had the stories I wrote, my books, my mum, my step-dad. We were a unit, one of each, a triumvirate.

All of my friends seemed to have siblings – older, younger, sister, brother. Everyone had someone, except me. If I thought about it too much, it made me miserable at worst, lonely at best.

I used to stay with a childminder after school and I loved it. The lady, Ann, had two daughters of her own, one my age and one a few years younger. We had a great time playing together. I was treated like one of the family, met their grandparents, was given presents at birthdays and included in their Hanukkah celebrations.

As I grew older, I began to relish being just one. I was never selfish, but I understood that I was lucky not to be caught in the sibling rivalry trap that seemed to obsess so many of my friends. The eldest always had to set the good example, always appeared to get the blame for the naughty escapades of their younger siblings. The youngest always appeared to feel like they weren’t quite as good as their much-vaunted and older siblings. Nobody seemed to win and everyone always envied me.

My own siblings came along much later – I was almost a teenager when my first sister arrived. I was too old to have to set a good example, too old to be caught up in the petty disagreements that seemed to matter so much to my friends. I am blessed to be part of such a different family. I think that in a way, I have the best of both worlds.

empty seats no longer
brothers, sisters are here
no, I am not alone


23 thoughts on “Singular – Līgo Haibun Challenge

  1. Thank you for sharing that piece of your history with us.

    I was .. am … a middle child, and yes, the sibling rivalry can be .. not fun. I’m glad you had the fun of spending time with Ann and her daughters. You had the best of both worlds 🙂

    1. I still tried it several times – because doing the same thing over and over and over again is so likely to produce a different result! After a week of IT ‘fun’ it made me laugh, in a slightly manic way….

      1. Hahahaha I tried from all four judges houses so to speak (too much X-Factor lol) Funnily enough, mine had the same result each time as well hehe

  2. I was the youngest for a bit, then middle for a bit. Gets complicated family.
    Lovely memory.

    So far I think the link is only working at Pirate’s Place. I’ve only check Nightlake’s though and it isn’t working there – and I did let Pirate know that.

  3. Well I enjoyed that very much. Made me think – and with everyone who reads it I’m sure. There was a lovely tone throughout.It was a meander through childhood that resonates. Thank you so much Freya. This might be tour best haibun to date, and is more powerful than the smoothly flowing words show at first reading.

  4. It is a wonderful experience shared here – I think you really have got “a taste” of both worlds, the one before and the one after. An interesting perspective for me who has not too much age difference with my brother. 🙂 Really enjoyed your haibun, Freya.

  5. i have to agree with Ese in the blessing of experiencing both worlds – i love how you took us through your thoughts as a solitary child and the haiku closing with your siblings. lovely contrast. ♥

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