Gloria! – dVerse Poetics

Something strange is happening in the ether. This week’s dVerse Poetics prompt yet again seems to have a certain connection with the unravelling of my own family history. I must confess, it’s like removing layer after layer of a very large onion!

This week’s prompt is all things Italian. Luckily for me (since I haven’t visited Italy), we don’t need to be obvious in how we interpret this prompt. As a bit of background, my mum used to take me to Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery every time we went into town, and I loved it. I now know that this place holds very strong and extremely fond memories for her, which adds to the joy of my own memories of our visits, which I adored.

I hope you enjoy my small snippet from my childhood – and take a look at all the other offerings on dVerse as well!

– Gloria! –

I spent my childhood here, or so it seems
A small girl, grasping her mother’s hand
Gazing open-mouthed at the glories above
Light reflecting on oil,
Paintings as lustrous as if they were finished only yesterday
And the brushes still resting, waiting to be cleaned.
If only I could reach up and touch
I just knew that my fingertips would pull away slick –
Sticky with vermillion, regal blue and baby-blush rose
A tiny remnant of Madonna and Child



32 thoughts on “Gloria! – dVerse Poetics

  1. nice…how cool it would have been to have that kind of exposure to art at sucha young age…we went to the ones in DC on occassion but….sticky with vermillion….i love that word…nice bit of your story…i like…

  2. I think as children (and even sometimes as adults) we yearned to TOUCH these paintings we knew we were not supposed to touch. Nicely penned.

  3. I like reading how real these paintings were for you – “Sticky with vermillion, regal blue and baby-blush rose”. These visits with your mum are memories to be cherished.

  4. Yes, perfect! That’s how vivid and powerful those paintings were for me too then when they dwarfed me and even now. Lucky us, to have mom’s who got art like others got milk. Sticky.

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