Stand – dVerse Meeting the Bar

This week’s dVerse prompt was too good to miss – beat poetry fascinates me, although I’ve never tried to write any, until now!

I hope you enjoy this – it was written on the fly!

– Stand –

To the best of my ability
Is not the same as theirs or yours
We are not measuring sticks
By which to compare each other’s achievements
Or to shame another into thinking –
“I’m no good”.
Who has given you, him, her or me
The right to decide, to sit as
judge, jury and executioner of
another’s soul?
On what pedestal do the rest of us
have the right to sit, point a finger and proclaim –
“You’re no good”?

30 thoughts on “Stand – dVerse Meeting the Bar

  1. well you def struck a nerve…cause we judge all the time…ha…even if subconsciously we make value judgements, but then on a larger scale there are those that make decisions which cut people out on a regular basis….pointed…i like the energy in this piece…

  2. Like really a preacher man…. Making some point outta some people feigning perfection….. Whereas we are who we are…….. Nice Job

  3. Judge we do and I very much rely on first impressions. That said I always look for ‘the good’ for it exists in all of us – how ever damaged we might be at the hands of others.
    Anna :o]

  4. This poetry is very much born of the “modern” – one of the models these poets used was William Carlos Williams. His manifesto was to write “spontaneously”. Your writing on the “fly” very much falls into that definition, writing by a reaction to something very much a source to these writers. The text here very topical – when in the U.S. we have become divided along party lines and are kept revved up to criticize and move more and more to polarities. Your plea to become accepting is worthy and timely!

    1. Oh yes, I was definitely reacting to a specific circumstance! Thank you for the education (I am a beginner!). Unfortunately, the situation you describe in the US is also seen here in the UK, although not to such an extent, I don’t think. Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment 🙂

  5. Good message! As far as judging another’s ‘flaws,’ it certainly isn’t up to me. Smiles. Heaven knows I have enough of my own to deal with rather than pointing fingers at others!

  6. Great piece Freya. My best and your best may be two completely different things, but what does that matter if we’re doing our best? Especially when we consider that everyone has different strengths and weaknesses.

  7. “To the best of my ability” Ha! Well said. Though there are those that sit in Senate and House of the USA government that I believe deserve some judgment right now. No pedestal, as you say, just from good old-fashioned experience.

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