Assumption – Five Sentence Fiction

It’s time for my latest offering to Lillie McFerrin’s Five Sentence Fiction, a weekly prompt where there is no word limit, just a limit on the number of sentences. Plus, although she provides a word prompt, it is just for direction only – you don’t have to include the word itself in your contribution.

This week, the prompt is  – MALICE.

Do let me know what you think of my offering below – and whilst you’re at it, why not take a look at everyone else’s offerings (I’m sure they’ll be fabulous), and even give it a go yourself…


– Assumption –

“Why the hell did you do that?!”

“Because I can’t believe that you spent all that money on yourself, when you knew I needed a new car, when you knew how much I’ve been trying to save up so that once, just once, I could have something that wasn’t second hand!”

“But I -“

“I don’t want to hear it – get out of my sight!”

I bought it for you.

Lillie McFerrin Writes

11 thoughts on “Assumption – Five Sentence Fiction

  1. Oh my–I’m afraid that relationship’s a little too volatile for my liking! I tended to be attracted to chaos when I was younger. Now it just makes me tired.

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