Flip-Top Head – dVerse Open Link Week 124

Here’s my latest entry into the dVerse Open Link – why not take a look at all of the other wonderful responses?

Here’s another trip inside my mind for you, dear readers. Life has a habit of being a bit full at times, doesn’t it? Gets in the way of the real stuff – you know, like writing…..


– Flip-Top Head –

When life interferes with my creativity

It makes me cross, I get real fidgety

Bills to be paid, work to be done

It drains my brain, erodes the fun

of making believe, designing a life

When it all gets too much, the heroine’s strife

is removed just like that by my own, fair hand

Because in books I can do that, it’s like it’s been planned

to the nth degree on reams, brilliant white

Or at least on computer in the dead of the night

Insomnia’s messy, it spaghettis my mind

The deep, dark corners are where you will find

a plot well-drawn, a start, middle and end

Real life ain’t like that –

Is it?

36 thoughts on “Flip-Top Head – dVerse Open Link Week 124

  1. somedays you make a choice… leave the mess and bills and play…maybe a WHOLE day or two… but then you have to come back, or maybe figure out how to schedule small chunks of creative time into each day? I am still working this out… it changes constantly! Maybe that’s the trick?

  2. ha. it would be nice if we could plot our lives a bit…have a nice neat story….oh i would miss the surprise of it you know…you never know what is coming…though i will skip the insomnia if i can…smiles.

    1. Too true. I know for myself that if I have too much routine, I get bored (just like a child!), so taking the rough with the smooth is essential. And I must say, my stories aren’t always neatly arranged 🙂

  3. AnElephantCant quite understand this
    He sympathises with the heroine’s strife
    He knows stories are planned
    With a beginning and end
    But he is confused when you talk of ‘real life’

  4. Well..i think imagination is real life..and spoon fed reality by TV..the rest of that and most of culture that currently is is really the illusion..

    OH MY GOD..when I was working I was not even real myself ..no time for even a thought to my self when I was driving to and from a short vacation maybe twice a year from almost the time I started school as a kindergardener to the time I was 48 and got disabled.. which I hated but probably in the long run saved my life..

    Well..I hope when you retire..or lesser have the responsibilities of the illusion that is..that you more fully come into a time and place where you can drift around totally in your imagination and totally be real..as IT IS so hard to navigate..

    The ILLUSION TH@IS…AND simply be real…like a Hawk spiraling the sky in only imagination of WH@IS…..

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