Glad to see the back of you – dVerse Poetics

This week’s dVerse Poetics is asking us to consider calendars – whether it’s our weekly planner, a diary for this year almost gone, a brand new one for next year – and get those words down for all to see.

I think I’ll let the poem speak for itself. Please visit dVerse to read the other thoughts of my fellow poets!

– Glad to see the back of you –

This year I wanted time to
just before I knew
that I needed no more change.
But only in hindsight,
only after the fact
(that I still can’t swallow).
A bitter pill
stuck in my throat,
razor sharp edges
that cut,
a scab that I pick at
just to make sure.
That I loved you enough.
That I was good enough.
That there was time enough
to fit in a life’s worth of you.
There are too many dates
that stick in my mind,
numbers have the power
to bring me to my knees.
2014 – be better.

34 thoughts on “Glad to see the back of you – dVerse Poetics

  1. Just as well nobody has the power to set the clock back and make you do it all again 🙂
    Got your round knitting needles ready to have them ticking in the train on Monday?
    How long is your journey? So I can gauge when the pair will be done.
    BTW, you are supposed to knit both at the same time, so that they are even. Can be done on one set of needles I’m told. Can’t see how.

  2. ah we can always hope the new year to be better than the last…esp if we make the moves to make it so as well…not feeling you are good enough are able to love them enough…its a hard feeling…

    1. They do say you’re not given more than you can handle – who said that, I wonder? I may have to give them a talking to, although I am still relatively sane, walking, talking and writing…
      Yes, let’s all keep our fingers crossed.
      Thank you…

  3. I noted the tag RAW–and that’s exactly what this is, Freya. I think I share your sentiments. The coming year offers hope, but there’s always the uncertainty. I guess that’s why the sages remind us to stay in the present moment.

    1. Yes, I know a heck of a lot of people who have had a RAW year, to be honest. Staying in the present moment is hard, but that odd chink of light when we can, does help. Wishing you well, Victoria.

  4. Great poem Freya and i know some of what you have been through in recent times, but we deal with them, we remember the good bits, the bits that touched our hearts and then we look forward to the new year with positiveness.It will be better.Works for me.

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