Buccaneer – dVerse Poetics

This week’s dVerse Poetics is asking us to write about shoes.

I am a bit of a shoe-fetishist. Unfortunately, I don’t have those delicate, lady-like feet that suit any kind of shoe. Nor do I possess calves that will just disappear into this season’s knee high winter boots with ease. Much like my little-girl desire to be a prima ballerina (before I saw the light and realised that writing was the only way!), my dreams do not match the reality of muscly legs, and ankles that tend to puff up a little as soon as I get out of bed in the morning.

So, here’s my take on footwear. And dreams. Enjoy!

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– Buccaneer –

In my dreams
I stride across continents,
buckling swash
with a smile and a wink
for the ladies (and gents)
who I save from destruction,
and fates that paper
and pen cannot bear.
I take a moment
to polish my boots,
inhaling the leather
encasing my calves
like a second skin.
They are battle-scarred,
and the laces that
bind me from ankle to knee
are soiled with years
of pounding the lands.
They may be scuffed
and worn bare,
but when I ease them
over my stockinged feet,
one by one, slowly,
achingly, sensuously,
I adorn myself
with bravery, confidence,
and a suit of armour
that no metal may match.
They are my badge of honour.
They are me.

33 thoughts on “Buccaneer – dVerse Poetics

  1. ha nice… i always wanted to be a pirate…sail the seas… rob the rich and divide to the poor…no wait… that was more robin hood maybe – smiles… really love your couragoues dream… and the boots that fit that lifestyle…cool

  2. ha. i would be a pirate myself…sailing the seas…not sure i would fit into those hip boots…ha. i need to get me a pair and try…maybe earn a few scars on them…thanks for the smiles today….

  3. Nothing like the image of a woman in thigh-high buccaneer boots; really liked this pirate dream; have had a few of them my self, and have written some stirring poetics about them. Nice ride, and as you poke us gently with your rapier, we get the point willingly.

  4. [So that is how you spell muscly]
    Oh yes, those boots, true identifiers.
    I remember wearing sales’ end Prada thigh-highs, turning my feet blue because of the metal band inside the leather. But…who discards Prada, or complains about pain:-)

  5. Arrrr matey this be a treasure of a poem! πŸ™‚

    Love this! And your intro paragraph is one I can relate to. My legs don’t fit well with the boots I long to wear either – too short or too narrow.

    Great write, so much fun to read. Thanks for joining in.

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