London Calling – dVerse


London skyline, change unceasing
Altitudes aspire, increasing
Reaching scudding clouds suspended
Your city’s tale has not yet ended

London skyline, change unceasing
Skyscrapers empty, workers releasing
Easing on to pavements, thronging
Each mind alone, yet still belonging

London skyline, change unceasing
Parks reducing, space decreasing
Many cultures, smells and tastes
A never-resting, human race

London skyline, your heart’s still beating
London skyline, change unceasing.


This week, on dVerse Meeting the Bar,Tony has asked us to repeat, repeat, repeat – whether it’s a word, a phrase or a whole line. Let’s get the musicality going!

I haven’t aimed for a particular form, although if I hadn’t submitted a villanelle to a competition, I would have shared it right here, because it is, by it’s nature, a musical, repetitive piece. Hey ho. So, ‘London Calling’ is inspired by my place of work and by the wheels going round on my train journey home. I hope you enjoy.

Please pop over to dVerse to read some excellent poems on the travel theme. Join in – we don’t bite!



40 thoughts on “London Calling – dVerse

  1. ah a skyline i have yet to reach…and our space is ever decreasing especially around the cities…parks decreasing…though i do like what NYC did with the high line as a park…converting the old train rails….

    1. I think if we look hard enough, there is innovation in re-using old industrial sites for more green enterprises. London has quite a few, you just have to open your eyes. It’s a fantastic city, but I suppose I could be biased…. 🙂

  2. london is a fascinating city – and i’ll be seeing her again soon…soon.. smiles… sad though when the parks are decreasing – loving the side by side of the different cultures though…

  3. Haven’t been to London for years … and I doubt that I’d recognise much beyond the tourist centres. One thing that never changes is change.

    Love the title too … it reminds me of The Clash song .. yes, I am that old!

  4. Your poem is a great expression of the London I experienced last year: a city with many tales to tell, a variety of people and cultures, its dwellers and workers and, above all, the energy generated by all its various elements – a great cosmopolitan city!

  5. You have really captured the energy and beat of the city of London. I think London is like New York, a city that never rests.

  6. Millions of stories to tell within the concrete canyons, from an urban sphere centuries older than our oldest cities; a lovely excursion, and imaginative take on the prompt; the form does approach something classic, which echo within the heart of the piece.

  7. Such a great use of repetition, Freya–both in the lines (not unlike a villanelle, really) and in the skilled rhyming. I hope you win that competition. In any case, hope to read you poem someday.

  8. Making vibrating London a great character here….beautifully done…rhyme and rhythm adding sweetness though there’s the sadness of fading greenery….nice lines…

  9. The heart-beating of a city was how I felt your words – in positive and shadow iterations. Will look forward to seeing the ‘submitted work’when the time is right…

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