Cinders – VisDare 70


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“It’s simply not fair, Mother. She looks so elegant in that stupid, simple dress. I must have one exactly like it, made out of silk, rather than cotton.”

“Philomena, you will not ask Madame Reynaud for another dress. That poor woman has worked her fingers to the bone as it is.”

Philomena threw her fine lace shawl to the floor in disgust. “Only because you allowed her to make an outfit for that tramp as well!”

Lady Fawcett grasped her daughter firmly by the shoulder angrily. “You need to learn that graciousness and manners are what makes Eloise beautiful, not her dress. I am sad to say that you could wear her clothes all day long and you would never look as radiant as your step-sister.”

Blunt words they may have been, but Lady Fawcett feared that they had fallen on deaf ears. Her daughter was already too far gone.


Here’s my latest entry into VisDare this week, the prompt run by the lovely Angela. I saw an element of competiton in this photo, with each of the ladies trying to float higher than the others! Please do pop over to her blog and read the other submissions – no two will be alike!


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