Deluge – Five Sentence Fiction


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The raindrops pelt my hair, my face, my arms, my hands until I am drenched.

I stand in the empty street, arms outstretched, palms turned upwards, embracing the clouds above.

I know eyes are watching me from behind nets, behind doors held slightly ajar and deep in the shadows just out of reach of the streetlight’s glare.

I know they are whispering behind hands and underneath raised eyebrows – to them I am the woman who has lost her mind with grief, for nobody sane stands in the street, in the rain, in her nightgown.

But I do – it is a relief to feel something other than the weight of profound loss – it is a relief to feel so refreshed.

12 thoughts on “Deluge – Five Sentence Fiction

  1. Ah, if they could only shed their conventionality cloaks and ran out to let the rain wash off some of the awful, too…

    Great setting, mood and tone… I can see the place, the glances from the darkness; and feel her relief as Nature refreshes the skin of her spirit.

    1. Yes. `following convention certainly has its place, but sometimes I think it serves to constrict and restrict our animal instincts. I’m very pleased that you enjoyed the read.

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