The Feasting – Magpie Tales

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He stalked the land.

Times such as these were glorious for him. Borders meant nothing, language was no barrier, he fed where he saw fit, feasting on awkward limbs of souls reduced to a parody of their former spirit.

He rejoiced in the ease of it all, striding along the metal tracks that had been so kindly, so helpfully laid out for him. A ragged column of smoke and cinders rising high towards the clouds, a solid brick archway, wrought iron gates and the legend ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’ told him that he had arrived at his dining place once more.

His only regret, if it could be called that, was that his earth-bound compatriots were so very efficient at their own method of destruction. It robbed him of even more gluttony, if truth be told. Still, one had to be satisfied with what one received.

And anyway, time was on his side. He could wait for them to destroy themselves with their own greed.

It had happened before, aeons ago. It would happen again.

Hoist by their own petard.

History repeating itself.

His lips salivated at the thought.


Here’s this week’s entry into Magpie Tales. Yes, it’s morbid, I know. If you’re a long-time reader (thank you!) of mine, you’ll not be surprised. By way of background, I am Jewish, and the train tracks that lead into Auschwitz sprung to mind as soon as I saw the image above, hauntingly irresistible. Industrialised death is, unfortunately, no longer a shock to us, although it should be.

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26 thoughts on “The Feasting – Magpie Tales

  1. This is great. I don’t mind the morbid. It fits perfectly. Also, when I first started reading this, it reminded me of The Dark Tower, by Stephen King, that kind of lone searcher, bent on death. Good write.

  2. The metal tracks of industralization have made inroads for destruction and man is walking down that path. Morbid it is but it’s also the stark reality.

  3. ‘feasting on awkward limbs of soul’ – I think of heavily laden medieval tables and drunken bodies pigging out on large platters of meat…Yes…They too had a habit of destroying themselves with greed…

  4. This def has a dark feel to it and takes one to the edge of reality..history often repeats and I am sure Mr. Darkness will laugh with delight…

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