The Sins – Five Sentence Fiction


“You’re just like your mother.”

My skin burned, with fear, with anger, but most of all, with the shard of white-hot hurt that found its target like an arrow, straight and true.

The one thing I never wanted to hear had come to pass; I had given this worry all of my attention and like a perverse lighthouse, I had shown the words the way, straight to my heart.

It didn’t help that it was intended as a compliment, the ultimate accolade; it just highlighted the fact that she had fooled yet another person, yet one more time.

I stroke my belly, picturing the small one growing within me; I will do everything in my power to be nothing like her, and if I just focus on that, it will all be OK – won’t it?


Here is my latest entry into the lovely Lillie’s Five Sentence Fiction, where she has provided this photo for our inspiration. Please take note, this really is fiction! I didn’t have a horrific childhood, thank goodness.

Please do visit here to read the entries from other writers who love to keep it short too.

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